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“In January 2017 I tore my rotator cuff in a car accident.  With Sanj’s care and expertise he was able to help me rehab my shoulder, avoid surgery and get back to work in a short period of time!  I was so impressed with the one on one attention Sanj gave to me that when I sprained my ankle recently I did not hesitate to see Sanj again.  After only a few weeks my ankle is feeling great thanks to Sanj!  I highly recommend PhysioPro Physiotherapy!”

Ray B.

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“I have had chronic shoulder pain for years, but over Christmas, I had injured my right shoulder and any movement created pain.  I phoned PhysioPro because it is located near my home.  After four treatments and some simple home exercises, my shoulder was pain-free and I had full range of motion.  I would certainly recommend Sanjeev to future clients.

Elaine L. 

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“Working as a registered nurse in a long-term facility entails a lot of physical activities.  I get lots of muscle aches and back pain.  I come to PhysioPro regularly to get treatments.  It really helps relieve my pain.

Benny L. 

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“ I went to see Sanjeev for my back pain and deep contusion on my buttocks due to a fall.  He is very knowledgeable and easy going.  He worked on by back and buttocks and gave me exercises to do which was very helpful.  I highly recommend Sanjeev.


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“I would definitely recommend PhysioPro Physiotherapy to everyone looking for a physiotherapist.  The staff is very friendly and professional.  They are all very personable with their clients.  The facility is always very clean and has a relaxing atmosphere.  Service is great and I highly recommend PhysioPro for treatments.

Alma S. 

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“Sanj is a very personable and caring man.  Not only does he take care of me, he takes very good care of my mother too.  I highly recommend him especially if you're looking to be in good hands.  Thanks Sanj.”

Isha J.

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“Sanj is extremely dedicated to his craft and committed to getting you feeling better and like yourself again.”

Rahul C. 

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“I am very satisfied with the services of Sanjeev.  He is the best care practitioner ever seen.  Would recommend to anyone in need of physiotherapy services.”

Lin C.

“Clean shop, great friendly staff, Sanjeev is the best physio I've had and I've had a lot.”

Sean B. 

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